Inside The Outsiders

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Inside The Outsiders

Inside the Outsiders

The PlotThe plot to this story adventure, and tradegy. When Jonny kills bob every thing starts to change quickly, after that they hide in a church for a week, save kids get cuaght there is a rumpled follwed by several tragites.

Nothing Gold can stay...Natures first green is gold,Her heart is hue to hold,Her first leaf is a flower,But only so an hour,Then leaf sudsides to leaf ,so eden sank to greif,so dawn goes down to day,nothing gold can stay.............

Glog by:EmmaQ.

Darry- and yong man probably in his early 20s could have been a soc the only thing in his way was the gangPony boy- the main charater, he has a golden mindJonny- quiet the peace maker of the gangdally - hardend by the world but still just a guy always gets what he wantstwo bit- the funny werid guy who is a fan of micky mouseSoda Pop- and wild guy, with and care free personality gets caught in the middle alotSteve- Sodas best friend wants to be like Soda.



Pony Boy

The confictman Vs societyorSocs Vs Greasers

The theme to the story is BondingI think it is bonging because the tree brothers learn to be stonger family.

The gang


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