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Inside The Outsiders

The Outsiders

Sodapop CurtisSodapop is a 16 year old boy with dark brown hair, tan skin, dull blue eyes, and is tall. He works at a gas station and he is a very hard worker. He's a go lucky, happy guy, and very handsome. He's also very flirty.Johnny CadeJohnny Cade is a 16 year old boy with almost black hair, big, brown eyes, dark skin, and is short for his age. Johnny is the shy, timid, and a big scaredy-cat becuase his parents are very abusive and he gets jumped a lot.Dallas WinstonDallas is 17 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and is tall. Dally is the thoughest guy around in the greaser group. He doesn't let anyone push him or his friends around. The only thing that keeps him from being a Soc is his friends. Dally is a party guy and he likes to have fun.

ConflictsThe conflicts in the book are between the Socs and the Greasers. The Socs are the rich kids, who get good grades, are smart, and they think they are better than everyone else. The Greasers are the drop outs. They grease back their, wear ghetto clothing, they cause trouble, and the Socs allways jump them and beat them up.ThemeThe theme of this movie is loyalty. They protect each other and always have each others back, no matter what. It's almost an instinct to imidiatly take action to defend/protect themselves and others from threats.PlotThe plot of this book is mainly about two rival groups that get into a brawl and Johnny must kill a Soc or they would have killed his bestfriend Ponyboy. They turn into wanted men and they flee the town into hiding.

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