Inside The Outsiders

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Inside The Outsiders

Ponyboy Curtis feels isolated from the members of his gang. His love of movies, books, and nature aren't really appreciated by the gang, or so he thinks. Pony's status as a Greaser is also like an outsider(Cough*Cough*Hint Hint), locked out of opportunities that the stuck up rich kids kids(Socs) enjoy.

The OutsidersThe Outsiders

I really like this book because its a action and teen drama were they kill someone and they got to escape the popo(police). I say the conflict for this book is Man V.S Man because its Greaser V.S Soc were they have rumbles and get jumped its a constant battle.


Pony Boy is a protaginist,Shy,Small,smokes, and is a wuss in some cases.Johny is the gangs pet,hes cool,smart, a criminal, and really shy.Darry is a muscular jock and looks out for his brothers,He smokes only to look cool.

My Three CharactersMy Three Characters


The theme for this story is violince because and the setting takes place in a small town down south where the Greasers and Socs fight it out all day everyday.


S.E HintonSusan Eloise Hinton

RECOMMENDATIONI recomend this book because its about gangs and its very action packed and you dont know what to expect...

Calebs Book Report!

Supposedly The Trailer

This is a example of a switchblade which is the most used weapon in the movie.


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