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Inside The Outsiders

Glog by: Kiara Harris

PlotThe plot is about a gang of greasers in Oaklahoma. The main character is named Ponyboy he and his buddies like to cause trouble. One day they kill a soc and everything goes down hill from there.

ConflictThe conflict of The Outsiders is that, ponyboy and Johnny get in a fight with socs. Ponyboy almost gets drowned and Johny kills a soc named Bob. When Johny kills Bob he and Ponyboy go to Dally and Dally helps them escape. They come back and the save kids from a burning church they were at before. Pony and Johny help the kids. Ponyboy got out of the church but Johny did not. Johnny got burnt up really bad, Ponyboy didnt get hurt, Dally got burnt a little. The Greasers and the socs were gonna have a rumble because Johnny killed bob. The rumble was hard for Ponyboy because he was put of shape. The greasers won the great rumble. Johnny died after the rumble and soon after that Dally got shot.

Ponyboy Curtis is a 14 years old boy with gray eyes, as he says, he has brown hair, than Johny dyes his hair blonde. Ponyboys personality is very happy and "tuff". He likes to have fun with his buddies. Johnny Cade is a 16 year old boy with brown eyes and blackish-brownish eyes. He is the gangs pet. His parents are abusive and dont really care about him. His personality is sometime he thinks suicidal thoughts, hes a very nice. Sodapop Curtis is a 16 year old boy with blue eyes. He has silky brown hair. He's handsome and Ponyboys brother. He's the second oldest brother out of Darry and Ponyboy. Sodapop is very happy and he's always laughing.

The Outsiders Written By S.E Hilton

ThemeThe theme is about classes.(example a soc would be a class they are rich and have everything going for them as the greasers think.) It also says that people may seem diffrent but they arent. (like Cherry and Ponyboy)

Ponyboy Curtis

Johnny Cade

Sodapop Curtis


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