Inside the Earth

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Earth Sciences

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Inside the Earth

Inside the Earth

The Info on the Inside1. Thickness2. Composition3. Temperature4. Additional Notes5. How do we know this?

Is this what the core and mantle look like?

8:20 Mapping Interior

Where is this and why is it significant?

How do we know all of this information? Humans have only drilled 12 km into the crust.

Continental Crust Oceanic CrustBeneath Continents Beneath Ocean Basins34-65 km thick 6-10km thickRocks Contain Silica Contains less silicaLess Dense More DenseVery Old Younger

The Lithosphere is actually the crust plus the outer part of the mantle.

How hot is it?Crust-Frozen-1600 *FMantle-1600 *F - 7900*FOuter Core- 7900 *F - 11,000*FInner Core- 11,000*F - 13,000*F



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