[2015] MakaylaSMMS: Inside scoop

by yourteach
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[2015] MakaylaSMMS: Inside scoop

Inside Scoop

We just heard that princess layas spaceship just broke down in 'space kikiwaka'. They said that they are building a new and improved spaceship in the near future.

Problen and solution.

Breaking news

In a science lab,a virus escapes the lab and infects people in the city.

People survive by using hover boards,hollow sheilds,and blazers (gas).

By makayla smith.

Cause & Effect



1.Virus escapes

4.A group of survivers lose one member

3.People try to escape

2.Infects people

6.Most of the members jump out the window and use a floater device to land safetly

5.The group goes to a building and gets cornered



Compare & Contrast

This cars doors are adjustable, seats are adjustable, runs on gas.

This car can fly, runs on air, turns hoolowgraphic when touches other car.





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