[2015] MakaylaSMMS: Inside Scoop

by yourteach
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[2015] MakaylaSMMS: Inside Scoop

We just heard that princessLaya's space ship just broke down in ''Space Kikiwaka".They said that they are building a new and improved space ship in the near future.

Inside scoop

In a science lab,a poisonous virus escapes the lab and startsinfecting all the people inthe whole city, and

People try to survive this by usinghover boards, hollow sheilds, and blasters.[High-tech laser guns]

Cause & Effect

-Ismael H.

-Makayla S.


First we interveiwed a small group of people who gave us an insite of what happened.Then they explained that it infected many people who try to survive. Then they said that a group of survivers lost one member. Finally the group goes to a building and gets cornered, but the members jump out of a window in time and survive.

-Ismael H.

Compare & Contrast

This sheild is just a clasic sheild with normal protection with no special equipment involed

While this sheild protects you, can attack your enemy with a loaded lasers and you can see through it .



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