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SkeletonInsect have joind legs and segmeated bodies. Insect have three major bodie sections. Insect have compound eyes. Insect have threee legs attached to the thorax with two pairs of wihs attached.


grass hopper

RespirationInsects have to deal with two respitory systems. The first one is that they need a lare surface are under their body.The second respitory system is that when they release gas it must be wet under neath them.

SymmetryInsects are bilateral symmetry.LocomotionInsect usally move by walking, crawing or even flying when they want to go somewhere.

CirculationInsects have a open circulation systems. There is a vessel called aorta. It extends from the heart to the head. The blood then flows threw the aorta. Fact grasshoppers have clear blood.

DigestionGrasshoppers can hold more food in their jaws when their chewing on food.

HabitatInsect usally live in dark area like in the soil or caves and in mountains areas where you cant usally see them.

ExcretionGrasshoppers excrete nitrogen waste from two gree glands which is in front of their mouth which is located in the head. It then filters waste pass through the pores to the outside.

Nervous systemThe nervous system of a grasshopper cosist of a brain and a double ventral nerve cord. The whole body of an grasshoppers muscles are moved by the nerves that runs from the brain down threw the body.

ReproductionDuring mating an insect sperm travel threw the tubes to the penis which male deposits his sperm into the females reproductive trap.Then the female stores sperm in the seminal rectacles which develops in the ovaries. It travels to tubes called oviduct. when the egg leaves from the body it is fertilized by the sperm cells.


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