Insecticide poisoning prevention

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Insecticide poisoning prevention

Stage 1: As the prevention beging in home. We have to protect the house areas and invent differents activities for keep busy the children. To develop this idea, the physiotherapist and occupational therapist going to design a program that contains physical and occupational activites that afford to children develop the capacities their have, then we avoid in the free time their looking some activites that can produce damage with the elements of the home. The  suggestions should organize the time for each day according with the routine of the children .

General aim: Prevent poisoning insecticide at home among children under 5 years.


Stage 2: An interdisciplinary team of nurses and medical professionals make a program which provides support to families and caregivers of children to identify which substances are considered poison, and the right way to save and store these substances at home, to prevent children can take them. In addition they can also indicate the symptoms that occur when there is an insecticide poisoning.

Stage 3: Through educational campaings given by psychologists and social workers, teach parenting guidelines that help the proper control and management of children in homes, also indicating and teaching the qualities that should be the person responsible for caring for children .


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