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Inquiry Into Alternative Spaces for Learning

History and Context of the Organization



Observation on Learning/Student engagement

Evidence of my Own Teaching

I interviewed the Science Summer Camp director. MOSI Science Summer Camps began in 1981. It began as a way for children to become more comfortable with the subject of science. They wanted to make science more hands on in a way that it wasnt so "scary." The purpose/aim has always been to make science more fun, and to make children want to learn. The camp "brings S.T.E.A.M alive through hands on experiments and building projects." S.T.E.A.M stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. The staff works hard to give the campers a "can do" attitude. They want to pair real science with experiments and simulations. Summer Science Camps serve a wide demographic. The students range from age 5 to 14, and come from all different races including Caucasion, African American, Asian and Hispanic. The majority of students are Caucasion. Here are some photos of the camp setting, and an exerpt from the MOSI Summer Science Camp booklet.

A common theme I heard when interviewing was definitely "making science fun!" This is something my counselor and director work very hard to make true. The students I interviewed agreed that their favorite subject in science. They said they like coming here because science is more fun here than when they learn it in school. One student shared that she would love if in school they weould do science experiments a "bunch of times" a week. The parents of these students like sending their kids to a camp that is both fun and educational. One parent shared that she loves when her daughter comes home with an artifact like an experiment and is so excited to talk about her day at camp. My counselor and director wanted to make sure students were learning while having fun at the same time. My counselor loves working at this camp because she likes teaching but without many restrictions. She is also a science major so science is her favorite subject. Summer camp gaver her oppurtunities to teach while having fun with the kids.

Multiple Perspectives on Views of the Organization

Throughout these lessons and the rest I observed or was a part of students were almost always engaged and excited about their activitites. They enjoyed he experiments and even enjoyed having discussions and learning new things. They would ask questions and raise predictions. The teacher did a great job of engaging them. I also noticed students seemed to learn/remember more since they were doing experiments or activities along with the lessons. They wrote down predictions and reflections which seemed to help the learning process as well. This is something I will take advantage of when I am teaching.


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