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Questions:Why is water so important to everyone and everything? What things are sustainable?Why is water our most precious resource?

Title: SustainabilityWebsite: sustainability-about.comSLIS: This website is about sustainability and ways water is and can be used in your home.

Read:This website is about what things are sustainable and what things arn't sustainable. It was also about ways water is used in your home. It was talking about the resources that we use in our home when we waste water.

Recite:Today I learnt what makes things sustainable. To make something sustainable it has to be maintained. I also learnt different ways on why why water is so important to everyone and everything.

Review:Sustainability is an ability of something to be maintained or to sustain itself. Water is so important to everyone and everything because without drinking water you can dehydrate, you need food to servive and you need water to water the crops and plants so that you get food.

Water Droplets

Water Cycle

Water in the Environment



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