Inquiry Resources: Technologies To Enhance Physical Literacy

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Inquiry Resources: Technologies To Enhance Physical Literacy

Inquiry Resources

Technologies to Enhance Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy Assessment Tools for youth. Find more information and download the play tools here:

What is physcial literacy? Dr. Dean Kriellaars and Canadian Sport for Life explain further:

Dr. Dean Kriellaars

Sign up required. Here is the link to the website. The focus is for grades K-8. The most useful tool Dr. Dean said to focus on is the Functional Movement Skill library of videos. The videos break down and assess fundamental physical literacy movements. The videos are accessible without even having to sign up for the site. Here is a link to the FMS library:

Passport for Life is a great online assessment tool for teachers. Sign up is free for teachers and students.

Play Tools


60 Min Kids Club

Passport For Life

For more information:


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