Inquiry into Alternative Learning Spaces

by RebeccaStone14
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Inquiry into Alternative Learning Spaces

Rebecca Stone

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Alternative Field Experience at MOSI: Museum of Science and Industry Summer Camp

Playdoh Podracer

Observation 1

Lesson Brief 1

Interview with Employee:▪ When did this organization begin?Well, MOSI started in the early sixties, I’m not sure when they started the summer program.▪Why did the organization begin?To make science real for kids. To help them learn about the world around them.▪What are the purpose/aims of the organization?To make learning about science stuff fun and to make it relatable for them.▪Who do you serve?I serve the kids who come to this program every single day.▪What is the role of the people who work in the organization in terms of student learning? Working with families?I would say it is to help students know more about the world around them and help them connect their learning to their lives. I believe my role for the families is to make sure they feel that this is a fun, safe, and educational for their environment for their child. No parent wants their kid to come home and say they got beat up and didn;t learn anything.

Interview with Parent:▪Why did you choose to send your child here?Well, last year it was just so she would have something to do for a week during summer so she isn’t sitting around the house all the time. But she had such a great time last year that I signed her up for 3 weeks this year. She loves it here and it is a great environment for her to learn in.▪What are some of the benefits of this experience for you and your child?She gets to socialize with kids that are different from her because MOSI takes in kids from all over. As for me, I like that she is learning through hands-on experience. Not many programs do what MOSI does; a lot of them just play around outside. I feel like she is really learning here.▪What is your child learning?She is learning all kinds of things! This year I signed her up for the chocolate camp, crash test camp, and how to make video games. There really is a variety of subjects that she is learning and she is excited about all of them!

Interview with Child:▪What is your favorite thing about coming to this organization?The explosions we do!▪ Have the child draw: 1) what learning looks like at school and 2) what learning looks like in summer context[He drew himself sitting at a desk by himself and the teacher at what looks like the front of the class. then he drew him and a few friends building a volcano in the classroom]▪ What do you learn here?How to make stuff, how to build stuff, and why stuff explodes!▪ What is something you would want your teacher to do at school that you do here?Let us make things explode!

Interview Themes:A common theme I noticed in these interviews was that the activities were hands-on and the curriculum was student-centered. The parent I interviewed commented on that her student was crafting things herself and working with other students to solve a problem (this parent is a teacher at a local school so she knew exactly the vocabulary I was looking for). The employee said, “to make science real”; to me, that means letting them use problem-solving skills on their own or with a group. And then finally, the picture the student drew was of him and his friends building a volcano by themselves, no teacher or adult was in the picture. I interpret this to mean that he had little assistance from the teacher; that this volcano was his project to do whatever he wanted to do with. I find it interesting how the teachers act more like guides to learning rather than instructors for learning. One more common theme to these interviews was “fun”. The teacher and parent mentioned how much fun the students have. Of course the child drew himself having fun and making things explode. From the child’s short responses, I could tell he just wanted to stop talking to me so that he could get back to his activity.

Observation 2

Lesson Brief 2

Dance Game

It was pretty much impossible to get pictures of the kids dancing without their faces. I hope this is okay!

Reflection on Inquiry

Reflection on Observations



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