Inquiry Based Research

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Inquiry Based Research

Choosing a research model for your students can be difficult, but we make it easy!

For years, librarians who are tech savvy and who know teaching takes heart have chosen THE INFORMATION SEARCH PROCESS

The chart below compares the ISP to the leading 6 Step Process on the market

But how do I know if ISP is right for me?

The Big 6-Focusses only on what students DO in the research process.-Assumes students have already narrowed their topics in the first stage of the process.-Explanations and further reading provided in books you have to purchase.-Very task-defined from the beginning, limiting students-Provides steps for research

The ISP-Considers actions, thoughts, and FEELINGS students experience in each stage.-The Formulation stage allows students to become more comfortable and less anxious as they narrow the focus of their research.-Explanations and resources are available for FREE online-Invites students to explore and become more inquisitive, not just complete tasks.-Provides not only action steps, thoughts, and feelings student experience, but also intervention strategies and mediations for the teacher to use when students reach levels of frustration.



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