Innovations That Protects The Environment

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Energy & Environment

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Innovations That Protects The Environment

Innovations that Protect the Environment

The future of clean Oceans! Teens like you are the innovators of tomorrow, or maybe even today! Listen to 18-year old Boyan Slat's TED Talk about his invention for cleaning up plastics in the oceans.

Cleaner Air Travel!NASA has been working to develop commercial airliners with a hybrid flying wing design which reduces weight and drag, and increases lift. These planes would use half the fuel of conventional airliners.

Green Roofs!Green roofs such as this one on top of the Chicago City Hall turn dead space into green space. They reduce run off during storms, and reduce heat absorbed by buildings, thereby decreasing the need for air conditioning. Green roofs can be used as public parks, or as farms to grow food.

Frictionless Wind TurbinesChinese scientists have developed frictionless wind turbines by using magnetic levitation technology. This new source of wind power is much more efficient, can generate energy with gentler winds, and will cost about half as much as traditional wind energy.

Eco-entrepreneursListen to environmental justice activist Majora Carter's talk. She describes the connection between protecting the environment and improving society.


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