Innovations of the Industrial Revolution

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Innovations of the Industrial Revolution

Innovations of the Industrial Revolution

The Cotton Gin (1793)A machine created by Eli Whitney to make the process of extracting cotton seeds easier. When this machine was introduced to southern farmers, the demand for slavery increased significantly!

The Clermont (1807)The was a steamship designed by Robert Fulton. THis steamship was used for commercial purposed. It transported passengers from NYC to upstate NY!

The Erie Canal (1817)In order to promote commerce and gain access to the Ohio River Valley, European immigrants were hired to construct the canal. The project was complete in 1825!

The Telegraph (1844)This technological break through was created by Daniel Morse. The telegraph replicated letters electronically, sending messages instantly, thousands of miles away. This enabled greater communication for towns and cities!

The Lowell Factories (1814)Inspired by textile factories he saw when visting England, Francis Cabot Lowell returned to America determined to do the same. Rural New England girls were hired to work in these factories and live in boarding homes in urban areas.

First Airplane Flight (1903)Two brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, use their self-invented engine and plane to fly without relying on wind power!


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