Innovation Current Event

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Innovation Current Event

In Action!


a) The name of the Technology or the Innovation b) Who Created it. c) A 3 sentence summary explaining how the invention works and why it was made. d) Picture of the invention. e) 2 sentences explaining why customers should buy this invention.4) Print and turn in your flyer when you are finished.

During this lesson we learned about what an INNOVATION is. You even had the opportunity to innovate your own product.Now you will learn about how technology is revolutionizing the world around us!1)Click on this link 2) As a group, choose one article that is related to one of the 7 areas of Technology.2) In Microsoft Publisher design a flyer that will tell the world about this new technology.3) Include this information on your flyer:

Click There

Copying and Pasting will not be graded


Flyer Information

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