[2014] 1Haleysan (Reading Period 1): Ink

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[2014] 1Haleysan (Reading Period 1): Ink

Quote"And then the sketched girl turned her head, and her inky eyes glared straight into mine.” Response to quote the line is so important to the story because it’s the first time that Katie noticed the ink drawings moving.

1 good The good thing about the book is the description of Japan and its culture.1 badThe bad thing is this story is that the author uses a lot of Japanese words and if you don’t understand it you have to look it up in the glossary in the back.

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Ink by Amanda Sun

When Katie’s Mother passed away, Katie has to move all the way to Japan to live with her Aunt Diane which is very hard for her. Katie forgets to take off her slippers after school but her friend, Yuki, tells her not to go to the lockers to change her shoes. It happens to be the biggest break up is happening between Tomohiro and Myu in the shoe locker room. Katie has the guts  to go in there to get her shoes and risk being known as noisy, then she decides to stay until the break up is over then Katie sees a drawing on the floor but it seems the drawing moves its head.Katie is sitting in class one day and then suddenly her doddles start moving. All of a sudden her pen explodes and ink from the pen is covering the whole sheet of paper and on her uniform. Katie goes to wash off but still has no idea why the drawing was moving and why her pen exploded.The cherry blossom just started blooming and all the classes decided to have a nice picnic outside. Katie notices a boy picking on a girl by taking her bag and not giving it back, Katie goes over there and try’s to stop the boy then Tomohiro comes to help out Katie. Tomohiro ends up beating the boy up and Katie notices ink falling from Tomohiro’s wrist. Katie’s new life in Japan has changed her a lot because of the different culture and new family but of course she’s going to have to get used to it.

Significance of the titleThe author named the book “Ink” because the story has to do a lot with the suspense ink. Katie sees many things painted out of ink move but she has no idea how. It seems as though someone is controlling the ink.

Intended audience The intended audience is the ages between 12 and 19. Readers who are interested in japan will love this book.

RatingI give this book a 9 out of 10 because I loved reading about Katie getting used to the Japanese culture.

authors purpose the purpose is cultural diversity because katie moves to a new country.




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