Injection Relief Glog

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Injection Relief Glog

Our SolutionUsing NASA's insulation technology, we have created a device to decrease the pain level and distract the nerves while having a medical injection.

Our ideaA vibrating massager that is more accessible, cheaper, and has a cooling effect installed for better distraction of the nervous sysytem.Problems we did not go through withProstheticsCar crashesCancerSmoking

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff technology is taking a form of NASA technology and transforming it into a new invention and idea. Explanation of SpinoffNASA's Insulation technology can either keep a certain temperature in, or keep other temperatures out. For our uses, the cold needs to stay in. NASA used the insulation for the inside of the space shuttles to make sure it does not get to cold. It is also being used here in other ways, such as thermal balnkets.

ObstaclesCreating a band that is big enough for all sizes of arms.Keeping the insulation cold while getting the injection.

The ProblemPain, mainly from vaccines , blood draws and injections, is difficult for some to handle and cope with.

Original SpinoffInsulation

Diagrams of our device

Our Device


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