Initatives to Deter Chronic Absenteeism

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Initatives to Deter Chronic Absenteeism



October, 2015Recommendations for Reducing Classroom Chronic Absenteeism1. Foster Positive Student-Teacher Relationships / Class Climate - Make students feel welcomed in the classroom2. Create Engaging and Rigorous Learning Experience - Make learning relevant and interesting for students3. Make Attendance a Priority by Incentivizing/Rewarding Attendance - Create positive reinforcements for student participation4. Reducing Triggers of Chronic Illnesses such as Asthma - Mitigate environmental hazards(Ollennu, 2015)

October, 2015 Proposed School Response to Chronic Absenteeism1. Tracking and Trending Key Factors Influencing Chronic Absences and Leveraging that Data to Support At-Risk Students - early targeted intervention2. Involving Family and Community into School Programs - improved home/school connection 3. Providing for a Certified Health Professional in School - manage chronic student illnesses 4. Making Attendance a Priority by Incentivizing and Rewarding Good Attendance - positive reinforcers (Rychwalski, 2015)



September, 2014Maryland Directive to DistrictsMSDE teamed with Attendance Works, a national nonprofit working to combat chronic absenteeism, to launch a school attendance initiative1. School districts will collect and analyze student attendance data to prioritize district resources to bolster student attendance. 2. Schools will implement “effective attendance plans.”3. Community leaders can leverage available resources in the fight against chronic absenteeism (Maryland Launches, 2014).

Initiatives to Deter Chronic Absenteeism

September is Attendance Awareness month.

Click for Chronic Absences webpage

October 7, 2015White House Launches "Every Student Every Day" CampaignNational plan to reduce chronic absenteeism by 10 % every year starting this year (2015-2016)• 1st ever initiative to help the 5-7.5 million U.S. students chronically absent, a drop-out predictor• Cross-sector initiative combines responses of schools, governments, community organizations, and non-profits for targeted, early-interventions(Every Student, 2015)

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