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By Angelica Kays

N/A Inhalants are not registered with the FDA because they are household substances Ex: Paints, Glue, Whipped Cream Dispensers, etc.

Drug Classification

Visual Characteristics

Inhalants have many characteristics because they take many differentforms.-Liquids: These tend to vaporize at room temperatures. They can the form of gasoline, glue, degreasers, etc.-Sprays: These tend to be held in metal canisters such as Spray Paint or Hairspray bottles.-Gases: These tend to be medical anesthetics however they can take the form of a whipped cream can, propane tank, etc.-Nitrites: These are a special class of inhalants found in chemical compounds such leather cleaners, room deodorizers, etc.

Inhalants are used by breathing in fumes by nose or mouth. This is done by the process of sniffing, snorthing, spraying, or by bagging, which is when fumes are inhaled from a bag.

How Inhalants are Used

Short-Term Effects

Slurred speechDazed appearenceInability to coordinate movementHallucinations and delusionsRashes around the nose and mouthIrregular heartbeatSevere headaches

Muscle WeaknessLack of CoordinationIrritabilityDepressionHearing lossHeart, liver, kidney, lung, and brain damageMemory impairmentDeath Bone marrow damage

Long-Term Effects

ABC News Story

Some communities in Western Australia and South Australia have passed local laws making petrol sniffing an offense. In Victoria and Western Australia, police are allowed to search a person who is reasonably believed to be in possession of an inhalant and confiscate it.In England and Wales, it is illegal for retailers to sell volatile substances to anyone under the age of eighteen if there is reason to believe they will use it for inhalation purposes.

How They are Viewed in Other Countries




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