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Inhalants are ordinary household products that people sniff to get high.

Physiological: When your body builds a tolerance to the substance and needs to use it in order to feel normal.Phsycological: When your mind begins to need the substance because of the effect it has on the mind/brain.


Legal RamificationsHuffing is a Class B misdemeanor. A Class B misdemeanor is a fine ranging from $0-$2,000, and jail time from 0-180 days. Its consequences are: mandatory rehabilitation, fines, imprisonment, community service, and probation.

Examples of Inhalants:-spray paint-windex-glue-Axe

Addictive Component:Toluene and Nitrites-Also the high and feeling it gives people

Physiological Effects:-loss of smell-loss of hearing-speeds up heart beat-muscle weakness-chronic inhalant abuse can cause muscle wasting-benzene (component of gas) can cause Leukemia (cancer)-highly concentrated aerosol can lead to heart failure within a couple of minutes.-weight loss

Phsycological Effects:**Inhalants may dissolve the myelin that protects the neurons on your brain, which will cause cell death.Cerebellum:-loss in coordination-tremors/uncontrolable shakingFrontal Lobe:-slurred speech-confusion-inattentivness-disturbed emotionsTemporal Lobe:-lightheadedness-dizzinessOccipital Lobe:-hard to differentiate between different shapes and colorsParietal Lobe:-hallucinations

Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome (SSD):Death that occurs quickly after inhaled fumes take place of oxygen in the lungs.This is most often caused when butane, propane, and aerosol are abused.


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