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I was born on September 8, 1998, in Cordoba; I came to the world at 4 of a warm evening; they put Me for name Maria, taking of reference to my two grandmothers and mother.They baptized in the Virgin church of the Way, in City Theirs Garden; My Godfathers were my paternal grandfather Ezequiel and My mother grandmother Maria.

My infancy? Suponfo that as her of the others; Of small I was living in Trassiera's Santa Maria, a neighborhood of Cordoba,It was living with my cousins and grandparents, but on having made ourselves big, we came to live through ourselves here. With 3 years, I trod for the first time on a plane, to go to Dominican Republic;Also they made me a sister of the Brotherhood of The Sacred Dinner.With 5 years I lost the person that mas have wanted and want, my grandfather paternal. With 7 years, after asking for a hermanita my parents, there came to the world the disastrous one of my brother Jose.

This is my best Friend;Yulia

There are my friends

The false people;My angry motherand some animals.

To go out with my friends,go to the river and to make hiking Danceplay the padel


Of big fodder to get into the legion, or into the sea-coast, I Want to continue in the world Confrere, belonging costalera to Maria Santisima of the Incarnation, in the brotherhood of the love,

On having done the communion at the age of 8, I was of trip to Disneyland Paris with my cousin and my parents, Estudie in the college Salvador Vinuesa, in the insituto Medina Azahara, and now I am in The Slaves

This is my family



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