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Inge Lehmann

Background: Born 1888 in Copenhagen, Denmark1920 Masters in Mathematics 1925 work for Danish Geodetic Institute1928 M.S. in GeodesyTraveled to Greenland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Canada, United States, and Europe to learn about the Earth1993 Death

Support/Roadblocks:(During her career, she remarked about the difficulties of a woman entering the male-dominated world of science. She said, "You should know how many incompetent men I had to compete with--in vain." ) Honors1938: Tagea Brandt Award1941, 1944: Chair of Danish Geophysical Society1950: President of the European Seismological Federation1960: Gordon Wood Award1964: Emil Wiechert Medal of the German Geophysical Society1965: Gold Medal of the Danish Royal Society1969: Elected Fellow of the British Royal Society1971: The William Bowie Medal1977: Medal of the Seismological Society of America

Contribution/Influence on field:Discoveries about the Earth's core. In 1936 she discovered that Earth had a small inner core. She saw where earthquakes did not pass through and knew that there is an outer liquid core and an inner solid core as well.Founded the Danish Geophysical Society in 1941.First president of the European Seismological Commission.1977, first woman to be awarded the Medal of the Seismological Society of America.

Motivation for science:She wrote books, reprints, card files, and seismograms. "In 1971, Lehmann (1971) recalled:«I was the only Danish seismologist for 25 years.I began to work on travel times and I was fortunatein that Harold Jeffreys, who at that time was doinghis important work on travel time tables could usesome of my research. For several years we had quitea correspondence, this was, of course a great encouragementto me.»." Science Philosophy/ working: Although she has admistrative roles, she also took time to do earth research and improved the coordination and analysis of measurements from Europe’s seismographic observatories. This was important, because it ensured data from the observatories could be better compared and interpreted by others. "Inge Lehmann." Famous Scientists. 29 May 2015. Web. 9/18/2015 .

Inge Lehmann

the only Danish Seismologist

She used earthquakes to discover the Earth's inner core.

MAY 13, 2015127th Anniversary

Lived to 104 years!

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