informational reading project

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informational reading project

Poster Image Requirements(scroll down)1. Poster Title2. Use variety of graphics3. Use pictures with content4. Follow rubric for design

Poster Content Requirements: (scroll down)1. Write a summary of your assigned lesson. Be sure to use the important ideas from your topic sentences and supporting details.2. Write the vocabulary words and definitions for your lesson. Include at least one image related to your words.3. Include pictures with a picture caption for at least two of the most important people related to your lesson. Picture captions should tell who they are and what they did connected to your lesson.4. Create a timeline for your lesson. The timeline must show all dates mentioned in your lesson and what events are connected to those dates.

Informational Reading Project

Parents... want to know what a "GLOG POSTER" is? Click on this link!

Dear Class,Once your group completes your Informational Reading packet, you will be ready to draw a topic and begin your Glog poster!Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and visit the rubric link to be sure you are meeting the criteria.Have fun and be creative!Mrs. F

To View Rubric Click on this link. When the page opens, find the box that says "Go to a saved rubric." Enter this code: 1858441 then click "View". The rubric will pop up.

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New Americans

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