Information is only chaos if it isn't organized

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Information is only chaos if it isn't organized

Just like a color palatte, No two individuals look alike.

"How data has become an important part of our everyday lives"

In schools, data collection has become a common practice to track students progress of learning and the effectiveness of each instructor. When students take district or state mandated exams they are classified in 3 different categories: Non-proficient, proficient and advanced proficient. Large groups of students that have achieved success can be correlated to the education received. In turn, a study in lower achieving students can be correlate to the failure of the educator or curriculum.

However, the differences in individuals is what allows organizations to discover patterns from large groups. Here is where data collection takes place.

In the same way, private organization use data to increase productivity, sales and distribution. Below is a video by Philip Evans, a senior partner and managing director in BCG’s Boston office. In the video Philip talks about the evolution of private sector "Big Data" collection.


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