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There were 18 participants in this study. There were 8 boys and 10 girls in my classroom. The classroom consisted of 16 African American students and 2 Hispanic students.

There were 5 differentiated reading groups based on DRA levels. There was a control group and an intervention group within every reading group. Students receiving the intervention were taught about text structure and used graphic organizers during reading sessions. The control group read the stories but did not use graphic organizers and were not taught about text structure.


Does the Use of Graphic Organizers Along With the Teaching of Text Structure Increase Comprehension of Expository Texts for First Grade Students?By Sharon Thomas


Students took a pre-test consisting of a writing prompt based on a text on their group's reading level. Pre-test scores were recorded. Students had a post-test writing prompt based on a second story on their reading level with similar word count and the same text structure as initial text. Pre- and post- test means scores were recorded and compared.

Bears group-DRA 4-6Intervention group 100% gainControl group 0% gain Tigers Group-DRA 12-14Intervention group 0% gainControl group 50% gain Lions Group- DRA 20-24Intervention group 81% gainControl group 13% gain Panthers Group-DRA 28-30Intervention group 67% gainControl group 50% gain Jaguars Group-DRA 38-40Intervention group 100% gainControl group 0% gain



The objective of my action research project was to increase the comprehension of expository texts by utilizing graphic organizers and teaching text structure to first grade students. The research took place in a Title One School and included below, on-level, and above-level students. The results of this study showed that the overall mean scores of students in the intervention groups (with the exception of one ESOL student) were higher on post-tests than those students in the control group.




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