Influence to Cheat

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Influence to Cheat

Influence to Cheat

One sophmore states that he believes using substances that inhance concentration or energy are not forms of cheating. A standard misconception is of test copying and homework being the only form of cheating.

Parents of today's students are generally less involved with their children in early generations. This makes for a lack of work ethic and more stress put on students.

89% of students sureveyed, admitted to some form of cheating in school.

Parents should be a good role model. If kids see cheating on small things, like playing a game, cheating on your taxes, or not being honest with the clerk at the grocery store, they are given a message that cheating is OK. It is also important for parents to be involved in the learning process.

As long as the neglect and disruption lasts, researchers say children of divorced parents are at a major disadvantage in school and social development compared with those from intact homes.

Students are under pressure to achieve high grade-point averages, which helps them rationalize their behavior.


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