Influence of the Führer

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Social Studies
World War II

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Influence of the Führer

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Intro to the Führer

Influence of the Führer

Summary 3

To gain power in government, Hitler had to take out his opponents; he did this by ordering the Nazi leaders to bring up the Nazi question constantly and unceasingly. The Jewish question was a consistent debate in Europe about Jewish social class and how the Jews should be treated. Nazi guards were placed in front of Jewish shops on Saturday April 1, to make sure all Germans boycotted the Jewish stores.Hitler claimed that Jewish people had control over all positions within the German economy, but in truth they only held 3.5% of all positions. In the Weimar Republic Hitler claimed that the Jews also controlled the government when they really only held 4 out of the 250 spots in government.Hitler did a lot of things to create hatred in the Germany; one of those was that he legalized racism, through the use of legislature. Hitler included the veterans that fought in WWI and made those laws effect them just because they were Jewish. Hitler didn’t care who they were if they were Jewish.

The Nazis took over the universities targeting the ones that had the most influence. People who were once strong liberals were either scared into submission or fled. Teachers began to teach students to obey and that thinking for yourself was selfish and negative. even an innocent young girl was manipulated into telling on her friends who broke the law to not talk to Jews. People had been so corrupted to the point where they laughed at the sight of someone associated with a Jew being tortured and dragged around. Their mindset had been changed and it was so deeply planted they couldn't see the wrong. The Nazis began burning books by Jews and about homosexuals. This was to increase the hate towards them and take away any achievements they may have accomplished. also they burned books about war to censor peoples view of it. The Nazi influence expanded to the work forces and even into sport teams and clubs. Soon if there was ever a gathering the Fuehrer would always be present.

After the loss of World War 1, Germany was in shambles. Along side their defeat in the war; all of the blame and debts had been placed upon them. This casued Germany's economy and government to cruble, leaving the people of Germany desperate for help. This desperateness allowed for radical groups to spring up across Germany, one of which being the Nazi Party. Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi party quickly reached their goals of power and control in Germany. They achieved these goals in many different ways.

The Nazis gave themselves the power to sterilize people who suffered from certain defects or diseases. The Nazis would sterilize girls as young as 15, and defects included colorblindness, deformalities, mental disease, and many others. The purpose of this was an attempt to craft their definition of a perfect race. The Catholics had an unstable, controversial relationship with the Nazis. The Catholics could not tell whether or not the support the Nazis, until Hitler met with the Pope to sign a contract. This allowed peace between the religious group and the Nazis, but the Nazis ended up breaking this contract only ten days after and began killing and arresting Catholic Priests. The Pople unfortunately did not address this problem until it was to late, and Catholic opposition was limited and not strong enough to go against the Nazis. Hitler's ruthlessness was shown not just through his treatment of other people, but when Hitler slaughtere his own people. Hitler wanted to eliminate any opposition, and Ernst Roehm, the leader of the SA, was a big critic of Hitler. Hitler decided to kill Ernst Roehm, along with a couple hundred other SA officials. Most German people did not know of the incident until days later, when the activity was declared legal. Hitler then stated that if anyone goes against the State, they would meet certain death, without any judges or courts to decide. Eventually, the Nazis began their move against the gays. The Nazis would arrest gays and interrogate them. It was unclear to the people what happened exactly, but eyewitness reports said that the suspected gay people would not come back the same. Even the friends of the gays were harassed. Hitler once again gives himself more power by changing the oath to be surrounding himself, and not the constitution, which was how the old oath was written. Paul von Hindenburg also died and Hitler assigned himself to gill his position as well, so now he was Fuehrer (president) and Reich Chancellor, the Head of State, and the Cheif of Armed Forces. "I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will render unconditional obedience to Adolf Hitler, the Fuehrer of the German Reich and people, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and will be ready as a brave soldier to risk my life at any time for this oath." (Hitler's new oath).


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