Influence of Sugar On Our Lives Today

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Influence of Sugar On Our Lives Today

Influence in sugar in our lives today .

Sugar cane has been an integral part of Louisiana economy and culture for more that 200 years. The first successful sugar crop was that of Etienne de Bore. During the early years of civilization the average yield of sugar cane in Louisiana ranged between 16 and 20 tons per acre. The state sugar crop arranged around 300,000 tons of sugar per year and was a source of livelihood for 500,000 people.

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Louisiana Sugar has impacted our lives in a very huge way .It is one of our first food source.Louisisana also called it white gold that was a phrase of how sugar was so important . Louisiana brought millions of enslaved Africans to come work on certain plantation to grow sugar .In Brazil they produce more sugar than anywhere around the world even Louisiana ironically the crop never grow wild in the Americans

Negative:It can cause your teeth to decay and rotten Positive:it provides good taste to your Food and it is used for medicine to help you.



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