Influence of Islam

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by TristianDavis
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Influence of Islam

Influence of Islam

-Tristian Davis-Maya Delgado-Helen Nunez

African Culture & Islam Religion Coexisted- Africans learned Islam teachings- Africans started celebrating Islam festivals

Islam Influenced Government & Law- A new rule was made that had the right to rule be passed from father to son- West African Kings started to control local rulers

Ancient Timbuktu- Timbuktu became a center of study

Factors of Islamic Spread- The king of Ghana allowed Muslims in his kingdom- Missionaries also brought Islam to Africa

Islam to Africa-Traders brought Islam to Africa

Mansa Musa- Was a religious leader who conquered Mali- Led an important hajj, accompanied by 80,000 people

Scholar Topics aboutAfrican People- Wrote about history & culture about West Africa- Wrote about Islamic Law


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