Infant and Toddler Development

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Infant and Toddler Development

During this time period infants and toddlers should master skills at a fast pace. If a 10 month old infant is not trying to crawl there could be a issue. If the same 10 month old is not babbling then their could be cause for alarm. Children master skills at different ages but if it is to far past the normal age limit then there could be a delay in the child.

Babies come into the world with built in learning capabilities. Shortly after birth babies learn by observing others, they can imitate the facial expressions and gestures of adults. Infants detect and remember an extraordinary wide range of stimuli.

Infant and Toddler DevelopmentMotor, cognitive, and language competencies develop together and support one another.

Motor achievements effect social relationships. Motor skills are interrelated. Each is a product of earlier gained motor skills. When a skill is first aquired an infant must refine it.

Physical DevelopmentMilestone

Atypical Development DuringThis Period

Cognitive Development Milestone

Crying is the first way that infants communicate. At 2 months babies begin to make vowel-like noises, called cooing. Around 6 months babies start babbling.

Language DevelopmentMilestone

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