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Social Studies

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Birth through Two Years

Milestones1. The infant can pick up a rattle and shake it to make noise.2. The infant can push a toy out of the way to get another toy.3. The infant begins to babble.4. The infant imatates caregivers.5. The infant begins to say words.

Milestones1. During infancy they will begin to grasp objects.2. They will roll their bodies over.3. Infants will begin to move their bodies by scooting.4. Infants will crawl: moving them faster.5. They will begin to walk on two legs.6. The infant will double in size.

Physical Development

Facts1. Infants are born with the ability to assimulate and accomodate.2. Infants have momory capabilities.3. The most widely used for infant development is the Bayley scales.4. Infants have prelinguistic communication a few weeks after birth.5. Infants of all cultures babble.

Facts1. Infants can smile socially.2. Infants can experience seperation anxiety.3. Infants experience self-awareness at about twelve months.4. Infants are capable of showing empathy.5. Parents or guardians help shape the way infants relationships will be like.

Milestones1. The infant shows facial expressions to demonstrate feelings.2. Infants laugh when happy or played with.3. The infant demonstrates attachment to their caregiver by being upset when they leave.4. The infant recognizes themselves in a mirror.5. Infants learn from parents behavior.

Cognative Development

Social and Personality Development

Facts1. Infants have neurons of which few are connected to other neurons.2. The first several months infants sleep in two hour intervals.3. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) affects one in one thousand infants in the United States.4. Infants are born with reflexes.5. The rapid growth by infants is reachable with nutrients.

Activities:1. Floor Time: Place the infant in a sitting position on the floor or carpet. Then talk and play with the infant. Be sure to use different tones of voice to the infant. Let the infant explore also while they are on the floor. (Mississippi early learning guidelines. Retrieved from Modeling Social Behavior: When outside wave and smile to others passing by. When talking to others use a pleasent voice. Parenting. Retrieved from

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