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Social Studies

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My Little Trampoline"Stand your baby upright in the middle of the bed, carefully supporting her with your hands under both arms. Help her bounce up and down, lifting her off the bed, then landing her in a standing position. If your baby is already walking, you may be able to just hold her hands, once she gets used to the springy motion of the bed."

Fun Activity

1. Infants are born with a natural reflex to walk within an hour after birth (Yost, 2007). 2. Babies can see a distance of 12 inches, which is the distance from them to their mother when nursing (Yost, 2007).3. Infants don't always crawl before they walk (Yost, 2007).4. By twelve months old, babies know about 40 words (Yost, 2007). 5. By seven months, babies double in weight (Yost, 2007).

InfancyBirth-3 Years

2 months-Can hold head up (CDC, 2015).6 months-when standing supports weight on legs and might bounce (CDC, 2015). 12 months-pulls up to stand (CDC, 2015).18 months-eats with a spoon, drinks with a cup (CDC, 2015).2 years-kicks a ball, begins to run (CDC, 2015).

2 months-begins to act bored if activity doesn't change (CDC, 2015).6 months-brings things to mouth (CDC, 2015).1 year-copies gestures (CDC, 2015).1 year-tries imitating words. May say a few words such as “dada or mama” (Mayo Clinic, 2015).18 months-points to one body part (CDC, 2015).2 years-begins to sort shapes and colors (CDC, 2015).

2 months-begins to smile at people (CDC, 2015).6 months-knows familiar faces, begins to know if someone is a stranger (CDC, 2015).7-9 months-baby communicates through sounds, gestures, and facial expressions (Mayo Clinic, 2015).1 year-cries when mom or dad leaves (CDC, 2015).18 months shows affection to familiar people (CDC, 2015).2 years Gets excited when with other children (CDC, 2015).

Physical Milestones


Social & Pesonality Milestones



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