Infancy and Toddlerhood

by keylolo1000
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Infancy and Toddlerhood

Infancy and Toddlerhood

Benjamin Neelon, S., Oken, E., Taveras, E., Rifas-Shiman, S., & Gillman, M. (2012). Age of Achievement of Gross Motor Milestones in Infancy and Adiposity at Age 3 Years. Maternal & Child Health Journal, 16(5), 1015-1020 6p. doi:10.1007/s10995-011-0828-3Berk, L. E. (2013).Child development. (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Awarness of many physical properties, including object permanence, object solidity, and object support, as suffested by violation-of-expectation findings (Berk, 2013).Ability to find adn objected moved wile out of sight (invisible displacement ) (Berk, 2013).



Pediatric health care providers may use these standards to flag children at risk for developmental delays or help identify late achievers (Benjamin Neelon, Oken, Taveras, Rifas-Shiman, & Gillman, 2012).Infants when held upright, may hold head erect and steady at 6 weeks.May start to crawl between 5 and 12 months.Walk alone bwtwen ages of 9 and 17 months.

During infacy child will babble and coo while listening to mothers voice.As they get older thier speech will correct and they recognize pronunciation and familiar words (Berk, 2013).

Atypical Development

How to help your ToddlerSing him or her songs.Practice the alphabet, counting, and identify shapes and colors!


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