Infancy and Toddlerhood

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Infancy and Toddlerhood

One great way to influence positive and healthy development in your baby is to give them lots of tummy time. By letting them spend time on their tummies, they can build the muscles needed to sit, crawl, and eventually walk. A great way to help your toddler develop is to label items in the house. This helps your toddler to recognize words, and see a correlation between spoken and written language.

Infancy & Toddlerhood







Signs of atypical development during infancy and toddlerhood, for a one year old, are not crawling, being unable to stand when being supported, won't search for things when you hids them, cannot speak any single words, doesn't wave or shake their head, and loses a skill or skills that they once had.

A 9 month old understands the word no, and can babble sounds such as mamama and bababa. They can even copy the sounds and gestures of the people around them! They can also use their tiny little fingers to point at things. A 2 year old can speak in sentences of 2 to 4 words, follow simple instructions, recognize the names of body parts, recognizes familiar people, and will point to objects correctly when they are named.

A 6 month old starts to become fairly active. They can roll over in both directions, supports their weight in their legs when standing (and can even bounce!), and will rock back and forth. It is even possible that the baby might crawl backwards at this age. an 18 month old is very active! They can walk on their own, and maybe even run. They can help undress themselves, drink out of a cup, and eat with a spoon. You might even catch them pulling a toy behind them as they walk.

A 4 month old can let you know if they are feeling sad or happy. A baby at this age can also respond to affection, can reach for a toy with one hand, and will follow moving objects from side to side with their eyes. Babies at this stage in development can also recognize familiar faces from a distance.


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