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Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks





Who:Rosa Parks~ refused to give up her seat for a white person ~she was arrested after not moving from where the white people sit. ~White people were suppose to sit in the front of the bus and colored people were suppose to sit in the back of the bus.Martin Luther King Jr.~ Wrote "i have a dream" speech, letting everyone know he wanted colored people to be treated as equally as whites. ~ He was assassinated on April 4th 1968~He was arrested after he led the Montgomery boycot.

What:~A huge protest about colored people not being treated equally as whites.

When:1950's Where:Southern part of U.S.A.

Why:White people treated colored people terribly and people wanted to end segregation so they started the civil rights movement.

How:Many people walked around town protesting.

Though people are different in many ways, no one should ever be treated differently than anyone else.

The event of The Civil Rights Movement connects to Chains in a huge way. In Chains Isabel and Ruth, along with other enslave people get treated as servants and have to do everything their owners ask of them. This is an example of inequality.

The ultimate outcome of this event was that the colored people finally recieved their rights to be treated as equal as the white people. This is similar to Isabel's outcome because at the end of the novel she frees herself from Madam Lockton and finally gains her freedom as a colored person.



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