Inequality and Social Movements

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Inequality and Social Movements

Inequality And Social Movements.

At the beginning of the 20TH Century, the population in Mexico was affected because of wars and problems that plagued the country. The leaders were not chosen by the workers, they were elected by the government. In 1968 the Olympic Games were being presented in Mexico when a student movement broke out and policemen assaulted students and teachers after a conflict with football match. People were outraged by this.

The corruption and search for power by the side of the government led to social groups to fight together against the government. Inspired by revolutions around the world. In 1965 one of the first confrontations in Mexico ocurred against Madera´s Quarters in Chihuahua. In 1974 women got the fundamental principle of being equal to men so they can have the same rights and follow the same constitution.


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