Inequalities Scavenger Hunt

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Inequalities Scavenger Hunt

ADVERTISEMENT!The State of Marlyland requires that drivers the age of 15 and 9 months and above register for their driver's permit. Always remember to be safe on the road!

Community Pool Rules1. If you are 12 years old or younger you must have a chaperone at all times.2. You are not able to play loud music. 3. The pool will ONLY be open on days that are hotter than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interested in travel??? Try Argentina! Argentina in the 2nd largest country in South America!

Did you know?!Texas is known to have the highest speed limit in the United States! On one highway, you can drive UP TO 85 MILES PER HOUR!

DID YOU KNOW?!?!Pi has been recorded to have over 5 trillion digits!!! OH MY

TRYING TO GO TO THE MOVIES? News Flash!! You need to have MORE THAN $10.00 to go see "Fast and Furious 7".

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ATTENTION SIXTH GRADERSMs. August told her sixth grade math students that in order to get a homework pass they needed to get a 80% or higher on their next test!


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