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Thomas Edison invented the <-- lightbulb

Industrialization had some positive effects and some negatives. Businesses all over America grew into industries that could produce much more American-made products and distribute them more easily. The economy got better and America became an exporter as well as an importer. The only bad thing about it was the negatives of large factories, such as an increase in demand in the slave trade and more pollution in the environment.

Industrialization was a period in American History when many inventors began making new technology that helped businesses become industries.


What was it?

Effects of industrialization

The main reason people were able to make industries during this time was all of the inventions. These inventions made production more efficient and improved upon daily life.


Some inventions included:The cotton gin (Majorly improved efficiency of producing cotton)The telegraph (Allowed people to send long-distance messages with ease)The scythe (Made farming easier and more efficient)The lightbulb (Eliminated the need of oil lamps

Overall, industrialization improved America. It made our economy better, introduced us to many inventions, and helped us to design machines and other things that helped us be more productive.

Edison never believed in me



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