Industrial revolution

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Industrial revolution

Light Bulb... Even though Thomas Edison didnt make the first light bulb his was the most successful. In 1878 he started working on the project he finished also in 1879 to the light bulb that looks similar to the ones we use today.

The Telephonethere are many people who started the idea the telephone but Alexander Bell created one of the first working telephones in 1876

Moving Assembly LineIn 1913 they started the Assembly line to make more cars in a fast amount of time.

Model of Bell's telephone

Industrial Revolution

ProsMade production easier/faster

Model T*first car created on the assembly line

Pros Made it easier to see at night/dark places, without using a candle

ProsMade communication a lot easier

Pros Made easier it easier to do certain things (Communicaton, faster production.)

I think a con is that we were evolving too fast, but thats just my opinion




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