Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was possible because the Aricultural Revolution help make the Industrial Revolution with more food production and with the crop rotation which also help get more people in the Industrial Revolution so more things started to happen during the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution

Material World

Whether we think it's a good thing or not, our experiences of working life in the 21st century - crowded cities, machine-driven factories, the office 9 to 5, the crush of the rush-hour - have their roots firmly set in the monumental changes of the Industrial Revolution.

In 1766 a young Londoner called John Spilsbury came up with a curious idea. He took the world and carved it up. This dissectible map was the world's first jigsaw.

Working Wonders

Until the mid 18th century, you had a better chance of survival if you chose not to visit a doctor. But the Industrial Revolution brought the hope that technology and progress might create a world without disease and suffering.

On The Move

By the end of the 18th century industrialisation was sweeping the county and the massive growth in production, supply and demand started a revolution in the transportation of the country's goods and its people, via roads, canals and the mighty steam engine.

Throughout the Industrial Revolution Britain was almost continually at war. It demanded a revolution in warfare, because industry relied on the army and navy to secure its materials and markets overseas.

War Machine

Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the day-to-day lives of ordinary Britons had remained unchanged for centuries. Homes were largely rural and functional, and the idea of decorative and comfortable surroundings, along with home 'entertainment', was the reserve of a handful of the privileged nobility.

City Living

Modern Medicine

Industrial Revolution was made possible


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