Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

I recorded the conditions that the people were working in the Factories.

John Wesley:Found the Methodist movement in the 1700s. Has a personal sense of faith. He engouraged his followers to improve themselves by adopting sober or moral ways.

Friedrich Engels

Industrial Revolution: Chap. 7 Section 3 254-259

1700's:The Mehtodist Movement was founded.*Methodism is a religion influenced by the Industrial Revolutuion

1811-1813:Industrial Revoultion riots began in Egland.L.U.D* yts resisted labor-savingmachines that were costing them their jobs.Some of them smashed textile machines with sledgehammers and burned factories.* Luddites is a group textile workers

James Kay-Shuttleworth:Physician among the different classes of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester. Saw the Working conditions the workers were in in poor cities.

1800s' & 1030's-1840's: Laws were passed to reduce a childs workday and also to remove children under age of 8 or 9

Manchester:The British Market numbered 17,000 people in the 1750's. Within a couple of years, the center of the textile industry exploded with people.

London:The population growth increased as factories sprung up in London. There were about 6 million in 1900.

Rural Villages:People Worked hard. The life they had in the factories was hard for the poor rural workers, but atleast they worked at their own pace.


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