Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

In 1837, John Deere invented the steel plow. This plow cut through tough soil that would normally break a wooden plow. This made farming much easier in the praries and plains.

Francis Cabot Lowell made a mill near Boston, Massachusetts. This mill had both cotton-spinning machines and power looms to weave cloth. This was the first mill to turn raw cotton into finished cloth in one place.

In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. This turned cotton into yarn quickly. The U.S. sold more cotton to other countries than any other good.He also made gun manufacturing easier. Most guns were made by hand. Whitney used interchangeable parts to make a gun of the same design. These new parts could be easily replaced if one broke.

Robert Fulton invented the steamboat. His boat was moved by a paddle wheel that pushed against the water. Before this, boats were pushed by oars!Canals and rivers were the fastest and cheapest ways to ship good. Roads were poorly built and took too much time.In 1840, the Erie canal opened and connected the Hudson River to Lake Erie.

The telegraph allowed people to communicate much faster than mail. You could get important information to people in less time than waiting for a letter to travel from your house to theirs!Telegraphs sent messages in code.

The steam locomotive made traveling west much faster than a wagon or a steamboat.To go from NCY to Albany, a steamboat would take 32 hours. A steam locomotive only took 10!



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