Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

What Did The Industial Revolution Do For You

By: Karyna Bondarchuk

City Living Nothing about their ways of living changed for many years. Most homes were either placed on the outskirts of the city, or in a place that was functional for them. They made them cofortable and functional for their life style. Poeple began to design and decorate the interior as well as the exterior of their homes which now has increased the production for decor.

Modern Medicine In the 18th centry you had a better chance of servival if you didn't visit a doctor. The didn't understand why washing your hands would be improtant and didnt know anything about bacteria.

Material WorldJohn Spilsbury- Made the first Jigsaw puzzle in 1766. Worlds resources grew largers and so did the want for them.

Working WondersOur working life is built up from the Industrial revolution.The steam engine increase production and made a labour pool.

On The MoveMany transportational equiptment was made during the 18th centrury because of the large increase in the population and production.

War Medicine People relied on the navy and army to keep them safe but didn't realize how hard life for them was. Now the millitary can get better weapons and equiptment as well as food and clothing.


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