Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Chimney sweepers during the 1800's and chimney sweepers today

Farmers during the 1800's and farmers today

Coal mining during the 1800's and coal mining today

Housing during the 1800's and housing today

Factories during the 1800's and factories today

during the 1800s the housing was very small. The poorest people lived in overcrowded housing. Some of them lived in cellars. From diffrent families 17 people lived in an area of 5 by 4 meters.

during the 1800s farmers would walk up and down all the crop isles and lay down seeds one by one. It would take weeks and months to complete.

during the 1800s chimney sweepers were little boys, because they were tiny enough to fit up there. The boy were sent up inside to scrape and brush the chimneys. When they were done, they would come out with bleeding knees along w bleeding elbows.

factories today are bigger and for effecient than they were during the 1800s. There are no long children working in factories, no longer crowded, not hot and stuffy. You dont have to clean the machines while they are on, you turn them off before so. Workers wear gloves, masks, proper clothing that will not get caught in the machines, must cleaner, and healthier.

coal mining has been widley used to generate electricity, steeland cement industries use coal as a fuel for extraction of iron ore. They now use power shovels, large trucks, draglines, conveyors, jacks and shearers. Coal miners wear goggles, helmets with lights on them, gloves, jackets and pants so they wont get cold and boots.

housing today is a lot bigger with more room and rooms. An apartment today is still bigger than the housing in the 1800s.

farming today is a lot easier and faster than it used to be. We now have tractors, you put all the seeds in this machine and you ride around and it drops the seeds on the crops for you. It takes no time at all now a days, back than it would take forever.

chimney sweepers today, are not little kids, they are adults. They wear masks, gloves, eye and face protection, and more. Chimney sweepers now use equitment such as, vaccums, sweepers, dusters, they use long poles so them dont have to go upside of the chimney.

during the 1800s factories were filled with little kids from the day they could walk. They preferred girls over boys because girls hand smaller hands to clean the machines, also they were paid less.These factories were hot, stuffy, poorly lit, and overcrowded.

Industrial Revolution project #2

during the 1800s they would use girls for coal mining. The girls would have 20 journeys a shift, pushing and pulling a tube weighing 200 pounds. Some girls would often develop deformities. also children have to work in these dark and cold places. They would work in water, that came up to there thighs wile underground. Pregnant women would often work for the money. Men tunneling, digging and manually extracing the coal on carts.


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