industrial revolution

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industrial revolution

Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and established sanitary and efficiant units of nursing during the Civil War.

1700's1714: Gabriel Farenheit created the first mercury thermometer (which we still use but without mercury) 1778: John Hunter introduced tube feeding and established scientific surgical procedures1794: Dr. Jesse Bennet performed the first sucessful C section to deliver an infant1794: James Lind perscribed lime juice to prevent scurvy1796: Edward Jenner invented a smallpox vaccinationThe average lifespan was 40-50 years.

Industrial Revolution(18th/19th Century)

1800's1818: James Blundell performed the first sucessful blood transfusion1836: First nurse training program1846: Dr. William Mortan began using ether as an anesthetic.1847: Used chloroform as an anesthetic1840's physicians were encouraged to wash their hands before performing surgery or childbirth1864: Joseph Lister invented disinfectants 1880:Francis Clarke invented the first electrical hearing aid 1885: rabies vaccination was created1895: Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-raysThe average lifespan was 40-60.

James Blundell's blood transfusion was sucessful mainly because he practiced on dogs. We still use blood transfusion today

The American Civil War (1861-1865)

American Red Cross(1847)

The beliefs in healthcare at that time was that cleanliness was the main prevention of illness.


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