Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution


The industrial revolution made its debut in Britain, created to raise the living conditions of all. In 1790, a steam engine was created, starting a ripple effect of companies having the ability to create goods utilising machinery. This consequently resulted in goods at a lower cost, larger quantity, and the efficiency of production. The revolution turned agricultural economies into manufacturing ones.

The Industrial Revolution was a period where rural societies made the transition to urban societies. This includes significant technological advancements and innovations. Manual labour was replaced by machines. The iron and textile industries, and the steam engine played an integral role in its progression.


The Industrial Revolution


The majority lived on farmland, small towns, or villages. Farmers made shoes, and women made soap, candles, and clothing. Everything was hand done. Products were exchanged via barter, diseases were common, and people feared that crops would fail.


Working ConditionsTerrible! Wages were low due to the quantity of people needing employement, hours were unreasonable, women received a third of mens and children even less. The only ones happy were the owners!


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