Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution

Kevin DantPeriod 2Positive EditorialIndustrial RevolutionThe Industrial Revolution has made a huge impact on us here in Britain. I feel that it has made a positive impact more than a negative impact on us people. The biggest impact that it has had on me is that we have way better transportation now then we had before. Another change that this has on us is there are way more factories which has had a positive effect on us. In addition to the factories we have made new products which are making Britain more advanced. Overall I’d say the industrial revolution is a positive time in Britain. Transportation is a huge part in our lives here in Britain. The biggest invention in the category of transportation would have to be the steam engine. In addition to the steam engine we have also created railroads which increased transportation dramatically. The railroad isn’t only good for transporting people but you can also transport huge loads of goods and products. Also in addition to the steam engine we have created the paddle wheel steamboat which is a good source of transportation through bodies of water. This is also used to carry huge loads of basically anything needed to be transported or exported. Another huge impact on Britain in the time of the industrial revolution is that there are more factories. The new factories are a positive impact on us because it created more jobs. In regards to the new jobs it is the first time ever that there is organization to jobs. What I mean by this is in the job there are shifts for working. Another positive to working is that you get to make some extra money to help support your wife and kids. The last real big impact for us here in Britain is that there are a lot of new products being made. One example would be that instead of using iron which is more expensive and it was a lot easier to use in smaller machines and it was a lot faster. Another positive impact would be electricity which to me is the greatest impact on us. This is used for almost everything and makes Britain way more advanced. With the use of electricity you can make or use way more inventions that are being created. Some of the inventions that are being made as of right now would be the telephone and the car. Overall in my mind I believe that the industrial revolution has been a positive thing to us in Britain and will eventually to everyone in the rest of the world. The biggest impact that effected my family and I would have to be electricity. All of the others like the factories and the railroads are great and will make a huge impact to someone else somewhere in the world. I’d say that I and my family are pretty lucky fellos for being alive at such a great time in the world.

Cameron HochstedlerPeriod 2Policy Recommendation Industrial Revolution Having researched many characteristics of the Industrial Revolution we have come to the inference that the overall effect of the Revolution has been both positive and negative. We have come up with several recommendations for how the government should respond to the effects. One of the endorsements that we have come up with is child labor issues. Additionally we have decided that the Industrial Revolution has created better transportation. In addition to these effects we also have decided on new job opportunities that the Revolution added. In the sense of the child labor laws in the Industrial Revolution we think these regulations should be changed. We contemplated that it is not safe for children that are six years old to be working around dangerous machines. Also we think that the overall qualities of the products are not as clean cut as a teenager would produce. The law of child labor should be set at 16 years old for a child to be able to work at a factory. So all in all we think that little Children should not be able to work in factories and things would be a lot better with older children working. Considering the improvement of steam engines and railroads we think this is very positive for the Revolution. We have found that transportation via waterways is the cheapest type of transportation. This is good but please consider working on an alternative way other than water to expand territory a bit. We think you should keep improving transportation and working hard everyday to improve it. Please continue to hire employees for jobs and create new job opportunities. This is essential for the growth of business and economy. Hiring employees for transportation issues would be very good for improving machinery. Also hiring employees is a great way to open doors for a better economy and creating attractions like cafes or taverns. We strongly believe that hiring people to work things and if they are motivated to contribute to the cause the economy would sky rocket. The Industrial revolution as you can see has many positives and negatives attached to it but that is not a bad thing. Setting a child labor law would help higher the quality of products and things could look sleek. Please consider working on transportation also it is vital for economical issues. Employing people applies to all these reasons if it is possible to hire people for jobs it would expand so many things. Please we ask that whoever is reading this considers what we have listed above and please take action.Thank you,

Negative EditorialTristan SwansonI argue that the Industrial revolution has had a negative effect on England. I believe because there was no doctor for injuries. Children work for hours with low pay and usually lost limbs. The factories also created a lot of diseases. I believe that all of this is a horrible and outrageous and should be banned or at least safer.When injuries occurred there are no doctors to stop the bleeding or anything that requires medical help. There was also no compensation for the injuries. The injuries were ignored and we are forced to keep working. There should be a law that demands that factories have at least one doctor on the job and he should have to stop any machine to fix an injury.The children are underage and working for 12-16 hours for less than $1. The children did not have the proper safety so we received horrible injures. We were not taught how to safely use the machines. There should be a law that requires that children under 15 should be the youngest you can be to get a job in a factory.The diseases that we have gotten such as: lung disease from the smog. There are no cures to this disease and that has a very negative effect. Doctors aren’t on the job so there is nobody to help with any of the above.The industrial revolution had a negative effect on England by having no doctors on job children were working for low wages and there were many diseases. The negative effects of the IR are horrible and unjust.

hire more adults to work factories

type of transportation during revolution (steam boat)

steam engine transportation

set age limits for child labor

new inventions made during revolution

Hospital in revolution

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