Industrial Revolution (Foot Treadle invention), Inventors and Inventions

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Industrial Revolution (Foot Treadle invention), Inventors and Inventions

I.M. Singer changed history. In 1851 I.M. Singer invented the foot treadle for the sewing maching. This invention allows the mass public to use a sewing machine easily. While the sewing machine has been used since the early 1800's when an Austrian inventor patented the idea. The foot treadle has changed along with the sewing machine as time has gone on.

Industrial Revolution

Invention of the foot treadle.

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Still used today. Now it is a small piece that can be pluged into the machine. You do not need a certian table due to these adaptations. The sewing maching can be used by people of all ages. Sewing machines are mass produced for not a lot of money. You can not find sewing machines that are automatic and you do not need to even have a foot treadle on some of them.



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